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We'll visit UK next spring (May day)in 2011, see you soon at Blockley!!





past exhibition 2010

We will have Farewell Ryutaro & Satoko IKEDA Oil Painting Exhibition
on Sunday 18th April at 10:30-11:30 at Blockley St Georges Hall.

Japan-UK 150


Two Japanese, Ryutaro & Satoko Ikeda Oil painting exhibition UK-Japan landscapes  

Friday 18th, September : 3:30pm~5:30pm
Saturday 19th, Sep : 11:00am~4:00pm
Sunday 20th, Sep : 11:00am~4:00pm

Venue: Blockley St. George’s hall(next to school)
Address: Park road, Blockley, Moreton – in –Marsh, Groucestershire GL56 9BY

We are pleased to present our oil painting exhibition of UK and Japanese landscapes. 20 large works will be exhibited. For each painting, we set up our easel in the location of the subject to be painted. We think that with this exhibition you can taste the difference of the scenery between the two countries that may not be observed if it is not a painting. For us, to produce an oil painting we must actually set up our easel in the location of the object of interest rather than bringing the object into the studio. We achieve this through the relationship of body and space. It is essential for us to place our body directly in the space we are painting. This exhibition will be held in a public hall next to Blockley C of E Primary School where our daughter and son attend school. The students will come to view our work. We will hold a course on the method of the procedure and the idea of the painting process for the grade-schoolers on the first day of exhibition. Additionally, we will do a course on paper foldings by my daughter as a cultural exchange.

Ryutaro Ikeda Greennery by the waterside 162cm×131cm Oil on canvas

bouton on the hill
Satoko Ikeda Borton on the Hill 162cm×97cm oil on canvas


Ryutaro Ikeda exhibition

January,2010, in London
Venue: Canary Wharf Window Gallery
Canary Wharf Ltd One Canada Square London E14 5AB